Hong Kong Woman Cages Two Toddlers in Tiny Lockers While She Goes Jogging

Hong Kong Woman Cages Two Toddlers in Tiny Lockers While She Goes JoggingHong Kong Woman Cages Two Toddlers in Tiny Lockers While She Goes Jogging
Hong Kong netizens are furious over a woman who caged two children at a playground as well as the man who revealed the story for merely observing the incident.
According to Apple Daily (via Coconuts Hong Kong), a boy and a girl, around 4 and 2 years old, respectively, were locked into storage lockers in Hong Kong by an unidentified woman in her 40s.
A witness, identified only by his surname Leung, broke the story to the media outlet, saying that the woman placed the toddlers in the tiny metal cages while she exercised in Sham Shui Po playground. The woman reportedly ran laps around the playground and played basketball while they were locked.
“I think it’s a regular occurrence, she did it with ease … it seemed like the kids went in without encouragement,” Leung told Apple Daily.
The lockers, about 2 feet cubed in size each, are typically used by basketball players to store their belongings.
Leung took pictures and videos of the poor conditions the children faced which, according to him, was intended to warn people about the woman. He added that others may “consider calling the police” if she is seen locking her kids again.
Observers, however, were quick to point out the obvious crack in Leung’s story. If he was really concerned about the well-being of the youngsters, why didn’t Leung himself talk to the woman or “consider calling the police”?
“Mr. Leung, calling the police is the first thing you should have done, not contacting Apple Daily! It’s hard to comprehend what you mean by ‘if you see her next time’… do you want there to be a next time?” a Netizen has pointed out.
“Mr. Leung, you’re a pretty funny guy,”  one social media user said. “Why wouldn’t you call the cops before the reporters? If you needed to an ambulance one day, would you also call Apple Daily? And this woman… if you think these kids are such a hindrance, you should never have given birth to them!”
“It’s hard to think what those little children’s lives must be like,” another one commented. “Screw [that woman], how can you cage your children just to play sports, do you have shit for brains?
Reports have not established the relationship between the children and the woman.
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