Dash Cam Captures the Moment a Hong Kong Teen Gets Hit By Speeding Taxi

A teenager miraculously survived after getting hit by a fast-driving taxi in New Territories, Hong Kong, but instead of lying on the road, she calmly picked herself up and walked off as if nothing happened.

The whole accident, which was captured on a dashboard camera, happened Tuesday last week in the Po Tung Street, according to The Straits Times.

In a viral clip, the taxi can be seen cruising along when suddenly, a female teenager wearing a uniform and a backpack crossed the road without checking for oncoming vehicles.

Moments later, the teen was hit by the car and flipped over before landing on the pavement. Her phone was also thrown on the ground.

Just seconds after the collision, the teenager calmly collected herself and limped away to the side of the road.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong police confirmed the accident to hk01.com and the teenager was reportedly taken to Tseung Kwan O Hospital to treat her leg injuries.

While talking to local online newspaper Sai Kung Buzz, Senior Inspector Jacky Chan reminded drivers to be alert at all times, especially when driving past road crossings even when the light is green. He added that they should lower their speed to give themselves better reaction time for when someone rushes to cross the street.

Pedestrians were also given a warning following the incident.

Pedestrians should be fully attentive, observe traffic conditions and lights, and not play with their cellphones or do anything that is distracting you from observing the road,” Chan said in a statement.

Images Screenshot via Facebook / CAP9UCAM9U

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