This Hong Kong Restaurant Might Serve The Most Expensive Chicken Wing in the World

Food enthusiasts with a taste for the very expensive may find themselves right at home at Belon, a new French Restaurant in Central, Hong Kong, home of the $45 stuffed chicken wing. The serving is prepared with matsutake mushrooms and tiny cubes of foie gras, which are probably enough to justify its cost. But then again, it is just one wing.
According to South China Morning Post, aficionados for dill will love the restaurant which prominently features the soft, sweet leafy herb in most of its dishes.
More pricey offerings can be found in the menu including a whole roast chicken, which costs HK$578, or about $75. One would need to pay the extra HK$400, or $52, for the additional Australian black truffle on the side if the chicken isn’t enough.
Homemade leavened bread served with Normandy butter is also available for just HK$48, or $6. While many restaurants serve similar side dishes for free, the bread is reportedly fantastic with “excellent crust” and “tender crumb.”
Its current chef, Australian James Henry, has had six years of experience cooking at popular restaurants in Paris, including his self-owned establishment, the renowned Bones at the city’s 11TH Arrondissement. He closed Bones last year before heading to Hong Kong early this year.
In an earlier interview with SCMP before the restaurant opened in March, Chef Henry described his visions for his new venture : “Belon will be my idea of a neo-Parisian bistro, doing what chefs in Paris did 10, 15 years ago, where they stepped out of fine-dining kitchens and tried to create delicious food at an accessible level,“  he said.
Belon’s website states that it uses only the best local and imported ingredient, and each meal is carefully prepared requiring Chef Henry’s “exceptional technique” and “skillful execution.” Some dishes, it claims, take over four days to create.
For a hearty meal at Belon, expect to spend around HK900 ($116) per person.
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