Hongkongers Complain of Constantly Finding Poop in Public Pools, Political Group Takes Action

Hongkongers Complain of Constantly Finding Poop in Public Pools, Political Group Takes Action
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 26, 2018
After locals complained of constantly finding poop in the waters of Hong Kong’s public swimming pools, a political group urged authorities to do something about it.
A survey conducted by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) revealed that out of the 1,238 swimmers at public pools, only 35.3% said they are satisfied with the water quality of pools. The figure saw a significant drop from last year’s 41.1%, Coconuts Media reports.
The party has since called upon the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), the agency tasked to oversee the public pools to improve water quality in the Hong Kong’s swimming areas.
“We’ve asked the LCSD in the past to filter urine in the water, but they refuse to do it,” lawmaker Vincent Cheng Wing-shun was quoted as saying during a press conference on Tuesday. “The LSCD replied that they are following the standards from the World Health Organization, so they don’t think it is necessary to take further action.”
He noted that whenever he swims at his local public pool, he frequently hears complaints from fellow swimmers.
“People at the pool tell me that the water always seems dirty, that it smells bad,” Cheng added, noting that people also complained of overcrowding and sudden temporary closing of pools without advanced notice.
Last year, LCSD received 86 complaints from the public, who reportedly found contaminants such as poop and vomit in the water. Some have complained of experiencing skin or eye irritation after swimming.
The growing dissatisfaction is further ignited by last month’s temporary closure of a public swimming pool in Tuen Mun. The pool had to be closed due to some vomit found floating in the water. There was also the case of a serial pool pooper in Tseung Kwan O which made headlines just a couple of years ago.
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