Hong Kong Protesters Praised After Parting to Make Way for an Ambulance

Many netizens are applauding protesters for giving way to an ambulance during an emergency in the midst of one of the largest street protest in recent Hong Kong history.

The amazing showcase of genuine human kindness and empathy happened on Sunday where a rough estimation of two million people gathered on the streets of Hong Kong to protest when suddenly, an ambulance tried to pass by during an emergency.

Without hesitation, people immediately cleared a way for the vehicle to pass through.

Then, in another angle, you can see people cheering as the ambulance drives through them.

Many Twitter users quickly applauded what the protesters did despite the tense climate during the past few days in Hong Kong.

It turns out that this wasn’t actually an isolated case as the same thing happened even during the day on Sunday, according to SoraNews24.

Letting ambulances pass through was not the only positive thing the protesters did last week. They were also spotted cleaning the streets on June 13, the day after the protest began.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / chowtingagnes

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