Hong Kong Protester ‘Bruce Lee’ Kicks Officer to Save Fellow Protester From Arrest

A Hong Kong protester is making the internet rounds after hitting a police officer with a flying kick to save another protester from being arrested.


The viral incident was shared around the world on October 13.

It shows a man, wearing a mask and all black, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere to drop kick a police officer who was trying to arrest another protester before fleeing at Mong Kok’s Grand Plaza, according to Shanghaiist.

After being knocked down, other protesters proceeded to hit the officer with a pole. One protester reportedly tried to steal the officer’s gun.

The officer was able to get back on his feet after the assault. But the kick, which was shared online, earned a comparison to Bruce Lee’s kick as well as Liu Kang from “Mortal Kombat.”

While some internet users praised the man for valiantly saving his fellow protester, others criticized and called him a villain online, reportedly making the incident an example of how Hong Kong protesters violently attack police officers.

Meanwhile, Twitter users are urging people not to share the video as it may lead to his arrest.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / Hong Kong Free Press

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