Drone Footage of Hong Kong’s Protest Shows Epic ‘Battle’ on the Streets

Team BlackSheep, a company that specializes in drones, recently published a video that shows the massive number of people who attended last week’s anti-extradition bill protest in Hong Kong.


The video shows not only the sheer number of attendees, but also the chaotic clash between protesters and the police where the latter fired tear gas into the crowd.

Authorities have reported that over 240,000 people gathered on the streets of Hong Kong to protest the bill. However, organizers of the event have said that more than 1 million people were present, making the June 12th rally one of the largest protests in recent Hong Kong history.

In the first half of the video, which was published on June 15, it shows the massive gathering of people on the streets of Hong Kong. However, chaos ensued shortly as police started to show force by dispersing protesters using their shields. According to the police report via Shanghaiist, they fired multiple rounds of rubber bullets, 20 beanbag shots, and 150 canisters of tear gas.

Days after the massive protest, the Hong Kong government has indefinitely suspended the controversial law that would extradite people suspected of crimes to China to face trial, BBC reported.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Team BlackSheep

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