Controversial Hong Kong Politician Vows Death to Whoever Vandalized His Parent’s Grave

Controversial Hong Kong Politician Vows Death to Whoever Vandalized His Parent’s Grave

July 25, 2019
The graves of Junius Ho’s parents in Hong Kong have been desecrated a day after his office was trashed by angry protesters.
Ho, a pro-Beijing member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, found himself caught in the middle of a controversy this week when he was spotted shaking hands with men in white shirts who carried out the brutal attacks against commuters inside a train station on Sunday.
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The attack was reportedly aimed at protesters who were coming home from a rally that weekend.
The video left some people wondering if Ho was responsible for the attacks and effectively made him into a symbol of hate for pro-democracy protesters. However, Ho has since denied all allegations at a press conference on Monday, according to Shanghaiist.
Ho, at the press conference, praised the men and called them “heroes” who were “protecting their community.” Soon after that, angry protesters broke into his office and trashed it.
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His parents’ graves suffered the same fate as unknown individuals shifted the gravestones and left graffiti on the graves, leaving behind a message on the wall that reads: “collusion between police and gangsters.”
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It is unclear who carried out the desecration of Ho’s parents graves, but the pro-Beijing camp has accused anti-extradition protesters for being behind the act. The 57-year-old politician visited his parents’ graves on Tuesday and urged the culprits to step up and admit to what they have done.
“Broken things can be fixed, but an evil heart won’t do you any good,” Ho said. “My parents and I will forgive you if you step forward.”
After that, Ho posted a Facebook video where he accused pro-democracy member of the Legislative of Hong Kong, Eddie Chu, of encouraging the desecration of his parents’ graves and demanded for the 41-year-old politician to drop the names of the ones responsible for the incident.
Ho also made a serious threat which is widely seen as a statement directed at Chu. “You have two paths before you. One is being alive. One is not being alive. Make up your mind quick,” he said in the video.
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