Hong Kong Man Livestreams Attempt to Eat 90 McNuggets in Under 90 Minutes for Charity

One man’s dream of finishing an entire mountain of McNuggets was met with massive disappointment when he fell 36 short of his 90 chicken nuggets target in under 90 minutes.

The man, known only as Joe, was live-streamed by his friends on a Facebook group under the social media account Dennis Chan on Monday.

The challenge was to eat 90 chicken McNuggets under 90 minutes and win the prize of 20,000 Hong Kong dollars ($2,550). If he fails to finish all the nuggets before time runs out, he must pay 100 Hong Kong dollars ($13) for each left over, according to Coconuts Hong Kong.

Thousands of netizens tuned in to watch the man eat piles of McNuggets. Some offered words of encouragement as he chowed down on the little pieces of chicken dipped in sauce.

Others expressed negative reactions to his challenge.

“Watching this makes me want to vomit,” one user said during the live stream.

Joe only managed to consume 54 nuggets and was fined 3,600 Hong Kong dollars ($459) as a penalty, which is still quite impressive as he did the challenge without throwing up.

What’s even more remarkable is that he plans to donate the penalty money to the Ronald McDonald house charity. Kudos to Joe!

Images via Facebook / dennis.chan.754570

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