Hong Kong Netizens Outraged Over Video of Man Violently Kicking Dog in Supermarket

Hong Kong Netizens Outraged Over Video of Man Violently Kicking Dog in SupermarketHong Kong Netizens Outraged Over Video of Man Violently Kicking Dog in Supermarket
A man filmed hurling a helpless dog to the floor and violently kicking it repeatedly in a Hong Kong supermarket drew massive outrage online after the video of the attack went viral on Facebook.
In the five-second footage posted on Sunday by Facebook user Chuckle Cheung, an unidentified man can be seen hurting a small dog inside a supermarket in Tuen Mun. He is also shown losing his balance and falling down after a kick, as the dog scampers off to escape him.
The video, which attracted angry responses from netizens, had since been taken down but eventually re-uploaded on other platforms. Netizens who viewed the attack expressed shock over the man’s unnecessary violence toward the animal.
According to South China Morning Post, the original video uploader identified the location as a ParknShop store in Po Tin Shopping Centre. The dog had apparently ended up inside the mall and was chased into the supermarket as mall employees tried to catch it.
“But the crazy man (who just finished buying something there) was shouting loudly to the staff: ‘How could you allow a dog here? Throw it out,’” the post said.
The employees reportedly told the man that they can only try stopping it from running further inside and wait for its owner to arrive and get it. The post continued,“The man went crazy and said ‘let me do it’. He put down his purchases and rushed in the store.”
Noting that the man’s act was “extremely inhumane,” the poster lamented that he/she was unable to stop the man who immediately left the scene.
A representative of the supermarket said that the mall employees who chased the dog were trying to force it to go to the store entrance.
“Our company has reminded the staff again to stay calm if animals trespass [into the store]. They should not hurt or touch the animals, and the manager on duty should take charge under the premise that the safety of the customers is taken into consideration,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.
The case is currently under investigation by Tuen Mun district police.
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