Instagrammer Angers Passengers After Using Fairy Lights to Take a Selfie During Flight

A Hong Kong-based Instagram influencer has come under fire after posting a picture while on a flight complete with fairy lights inside a dark business class cabin.

Harimao Lee was flying from Hong Kong to Rome when she did the controversial photo shoot.

Lee, who has more than 135,000 followers on Instagram, incorporates fairy lights or Christmas lights into her travel photos, Daily Mail reported.

While Lee enjoys her champagne during her trip to Rome, netizens expressed negative reactions to the photo, which has since garnered more than 17,000 likes since it was first posted in August.

What the actual f***? Who in their right mind brings fairy lights on a plane?” one person wrote.

This is ridiculous! This sort of staged nonsense is a joke. Nobody travels like this,” another follower commented.

Others pointed out that such a stunt is prohibited by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Fox News reported.

But upon further investigation, it turns out that Christmas lights, holiday lights, LED lights and flashlights, and even lightsabers are all allowed as luggage.

There were some who praised the influencer for her picture.

This is fantastic. Well done and how dull are all those who doubt that flying can be lovely,” one netizen wrote.

I can appreciate how much effort would have gone into a photo like this. Bravo!” another said.

Images via Instagram / harimaolee

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