‘Wealthy’ Hong Kong Instagrammer Tied Up and Robbed of $464,000 in Home Invasion

‘Wealthy’ Hong Kong Instagrammer Tied Up and Robbed of $464,000 in Home Invasion‘Wealthy’ Hong Kong Instagrammer Tied Up and Robbed of $464,000 in Home Invasion
Carl Samson
December 1, 2020
An Instagram beauty influencer and her 6-month-old son in Hong Kong fell victim to a home invasion last week, losing valuables from luxury handbags to jewelry to electronics.
So Mei-yan, 25, was asleep in the master bedroom of her flat in One West Kowloon when three men forced their way in through the living room around 11:15 a.m. on Nov. 24.
Image via Mei Yan So
So’s helper, 45, was in the living room with her son and was the first to encounter the intruders, two of which carried either a fruit knife or a wooden rod.
So said one of the men rubbed her baby’s head “with force,” so she immediately asked them to stop and take whatever they want.
The intruders then tied up So and her helper with an adhesive tape and began searching the flat for valuables, according to the South China Morning Post.
One of the men allegedly returned and pulled So by the hair while demanding cash, and was punched when she said there wasn’t any.
Image via Mei Yan So
The thieves placed their stolen haul in a small suitcase before fleeing the flat. They took a total of 10 handbags, seven watches, a laptop and two phones, amounting to 3.6 million Hong Kong dollars ($464,000), police said.
So, however, claims that she lost nearly 10 million Hong Kong dollars ($1.3 million) in valuables. She says the thieves stole more than 10 handbags, eight watches and a three-carat diamond ring.
Police are still looking for the suspects. They are described to be Chinese men, between 40 and 50 years old, standing at 5 feet and 5 inches (1.7 meters), and were wearing caps and black face masks.
“The three men are so useless that they can only rob women and kids,” So said, according to The Standard. “They even beat a six-month-old baby boy, how shameless are they?”
Image via Mei Yan So
So, who moved into the flat three months ago, is known for flaunting her wealth on social media. She blamed her building’s management company, Goodwell Property Management, for the incident.
“I’ve told the security guards 10 million times not to let anyone in without my permission. But they still allowed these three weird men in caps and masks to go upstairs,” she said.
The influencer is offering 2 million Hong Kong dollars ($258,000) to track down the intruders.
Feature Images via Mei Yan So
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