Hong Kong Company Turns Breast Milk Into ‘Gorgeous’ Pieces of Jewelry

Hong Kong Company Turns Breast Milk Into ‘Gorgeous’ Pieces of JewelryHong Kong Company Turns Breast Milk Into ‘Gorgeous’ Pieces of Jewelry
A Hong Kong firm is helping new mothers cherish moments with their children by turning their breast milk into pendants, bangles, and beads.
Two mothers are behind Love Made Me, the company which specializes in creating breast milk jewelry as keepsakes for mothers.
In an email interview with SCMP, one of the co-founders shared the inspiration behind their business idea.
“We were fascinated with the way women’s bodies transformed to provide for their babies,” says the entrepreneur mom who declined to share her and her partner’s identities.
“Breastfeeding is emotional and challenging – and short-lived. Besides taking thousands of photos, we researched and came up with the idea of transforming breast milk into a nice piece of wearable keepsake.” 
“A small experiment” gained a significant number of inquiries, she says, “and we grew steadily.”
Kola Hsu, a client, said she was inspired to turn her breast milk into a pendant for a necklace to commemorate the birth of her daughter after discovering Love Made Me.
“My daughter Hoi Sen was born in 2015. She’s my first child and I really wanted to mark the occasion with something special, with a keepsake,” says Hsu.
“It took a long time to find something to use with my breast milk for recording this [moment]. Finally, I found them.”
Hsu has only praises for her special breast milk pendant: “It’s so unique and I hope this gorgeous memory can pass to my daughter when she becomes a mother.”
Other companies have come up with similar items in the past, in which jewelry and other keepsakes are created out of human DNA. Others have used ashes of dead loved ones or pets to make something to remember them by.
As for mothers, placentas, umbilical cords, and baby’s hair have also been used before to make specialized tokens.
While the owners are tight-lipped with the exact process used to create the breast milk items, it was reported that it involves dehydrating breast milk and mixing it with other ingredients.
“Mothers just have to supply 20 ml of [their] breast milk, and we do the rest. Since every piece is handcrafted, it takes about two months to produce and deliver,” they said.
Among the brand’s collections include, “Love Bonding” and “Love Feet”, in which beads made from breast milk are used to make bracelets and bangles. As a bonus, Love Made Me adds a gift-box-shaped necklace to the pieces.
“It’s important to live for the moment, to remind parents to cherish all the small little moments with their child, as they grow up really fast,” the owners of Love Made Me’s explained.
“We simply believe that breastfeeding is a gift that lasts a lifetime,” they said.
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