Hong Kong Cat Wins Ultimate Dad of the Year Award

Hong Kong Cat Wins Ultimate Dad of the Year Award
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 1, 2018
A cat from Hong Kong wins our “Dad of the Year” award for demonstrating fatherly love in its purest form.
Originally posted by Facebook user Marco Tse on the public group 天下貓貓一樣貓群組 (Caitiscat.com.hk), the short video features a protective cat dad enjoying a family moment with his “queen” and their litter of cute kittens.
Locked in a sweet embrace, the responsible purrrents are shown nursing their babies on their tiny but cozy bed.
Even the pair’s toe beans are touching!
Catmom can be seen trying to catch up on her sleep, while catdad makes sure the little ones get their milk by pawing them in the right direction.
He even fixes the squabbling kittens right up so they don’t disturb their resting mom.
The minute and a half clip of the cuddling cat family has become a viral phenomenon, generating over 3 million shares and over 400,000 reactions on the original Facebook post alone.
Watch the incredible video below:
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