Hong Kong actor Wong He suffers horrifying nosebleed after PCR test in Taiwan

Hong Kong actor Wong He suffers horrifying nosebleed after PCR test in Taiwan
Image: @gelekchodar
Bryan Ke
April 5, 2022
Hong Kong actor Wong He shocked his Facebook fans on Sunday after posting a series of pictures showing his bloodied nose following a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test in Taiwan.
The 54-year-old actor, who is sometimes credited as Wong Hei and is best known for his role as a firefighter in the TVB action drama “Burning Flame,” claimed in a Facebook post on April 3 that he suffered a profuse nosebleed after a healthcare worker conducted a test on him at Taoyuan International Airport.
Wong said the healthcare worker, whom he dramatically referred to as a “murderer,” was around 1.5 meters (approximately 4.92 feet) in height and wore PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). According to the actor, she shoved a nasal swab up his nostril using one hand while pushing his head forward with her other hand. She asked him to endure it and proceeded to conduct the test again, which caused his nose to bleed.
Wong also said she was nowhere to be found after the test. He asked other personnel at the airport about her, but he claimed that nobody knew her name or her whereabouts.
The murderer has fled the scene, while those who remain do not know the name of the murderer and know only that she was from a hospital,” he wrote.
Medical staff reportedly offered Wong a new face mask to replace his bloody one. However, he appears to have refused their offer since his Facebook photos show him wearing the stained mask throughout the duration of his journey.
His PCR test result came back positive, and he went under quarantine at Nantou City.
Chuang Jen-hsiang, a spokesperson for Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), confirmed the incident and explained that nosebleeds may occur during PCR testing. Chuang also clarified that the healthcare worker who conducted the test left the area to take Wong’s sample to their laboratory. She did not flee the airport, as Wong claimed.
The actor was criticized by Taiwanese Facebook users after he claimed that he did not know who Chuang is. Some users demanded that he apologize for his “rude, reckless and unfriendly behavior.”
Wong reportedly posted a picture of himself with the text “Blame the victim” following the backlash.
He eventually said sorry to Chuang, who accepted his apology at a press conference. The actor filmed himself taking an antigen rapid test on Monday, then shared that his result came back negative.
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