Father suffers burns after 5-year-old blows up homework assigned over Lunar New Year with firecrackers

  • A boy in China reportedly blew up his Lunar New Year holiday homework using his grandfather’s lighter and cousin’s firecrackers on Feb. 10.
  • His father managed to put out the fire before escaping with only minor burns, while the rest of the family managed to flee unharmed.
  • The boy’s mother told reporters his school gave him three assignments for the Lunar New Year holiday, and he became unwilling to finish them when he was on his third.

Nobody likes doing holiday homework, but a boy in China took his disgruntledness to a whole new level when he blew up the assignments given to him for Lunar New Year using firecrackers inside his family’s home.

The 5-year-old boy was on his third and last Lunar New Year holiday homework assignment when he suddenly decided to blow it up using his grandfather’s lighter and his cousin’s firecracker on Feb. 10, local Chinese media reported, via AsiaOne.

Speaking to local reporters, the boy’s mother said his school had given him the three assignments before the Lunar New Year holiday that began on Feb. 1. Also known as the Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year is the longest holiday in China and can last up to 15 days, ending with the Lantern Festival.

A video posted online shows the extent of the damage caused by the firecrackers, including footage of burned school bags and a wrecked study table. Black residue from the firecrackers can also be seen on the floor in a room filled with smoke.

The house did not catch fire, as the father quickly put it out. While the family was able to get out safely, the father reportedly suffered minor burns on his arms and hair.

As for the boy, he was reportedly reprimanded by his mother.

Featured Image Jimu News via iFeng

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