Girl Dies From Brain Vessel Rupture After Mom Hits Her Over Homework Mistakes

Girl Dies From Brain Vessel Rupture After Mom Hits Her Over Homework MistakesGirl Dies From Brain Vessel Rupture After Mom Hits Her Over Homework Mistakes
Carl Samson
October 11, 2019
An elementary school student in northern China died after blood vessels to and from her brain ruptured as a result of the whacking that she received from her mother for making errors on her homework.
The 8-year-old girl, who lived in Tongchuan, Shaanxi province, reportedly watched cartoons while doing her homework one afternoon, which apparently affected her focus.
Seeing plenty of mistakes in her work, the girl’s mother became enraged and whacked the back of her head, instantly making her cry out in pain.
Suddenly feeling guilty, the mother reportedly took out a packet of pickled chicken feet and offered it to her daughter to make her feel better.
Image (Representation Only) via Sina News
The girl stopped crying after having chicken feet. However, it did not take long before she started vomiting.
Convinced that the chicken feet had been poisonous, the mother rushed her daughter to the hospital. Sadly, she died later that night.
Shortly after, doctors determined that the chicken feet had nothing to do with the girl’s death.
Instead, she passed away due to a cerebral contusion, a form of traumatic brain injury characterized by scattered areas of bleeding.
Additionally, the doctors said that the girl had already been suffering from cerebrovascular malformation, a rare condition characterized by abnormal blood vessel formation in the brain. Studies show they are potentially disastrous.
Image (Representation Only) via Sina News
The girl’s mother, who admitted to beating her daughter on the back of her head, expressed regret over her actions.
As it turned out, her punishment caused the already-deformed blood vessels in her daughter’s brain to rupture, which ultimately led to her death.
Image via Sohu
Corporal punishment continues to be practiced not only in many Asian households but also in schools.
Earlier this year, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet members submitted a bill that makes it illegal for parents to hit their children when trying to discipline them.
The 8-year-old girl died in June 2015, but Chinese-language news outlets have recently republished her story to warn parents that hitting certain body parts such as the back of the head, the temple, the ears and the back is dangerous.
The girl’s mother is reportedly facing charges for her actions, but it’s unclear whether she is currently incarcerated.
Featured Images (Representation Only) via Sina News
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