Homeless Man Reunited With Family After Stranger Gives Him a Makeover


A homeless man in the Philippines found a new lease on life after someone decided to give him a “makeover.”

The man, identified as Erwin Dean, was scavenging for food outside a shopping mall in Quezon City when a pastor named Franklin Goden spotted him.

Goden was so moved by Dean’s condition that he went out his way to cheer him up.

“First I saw him, then I fed him,” Goden wrote in a Facebook post. “Then, I shopped for his clothing and then gave him a bath. I then brought him to a barbershop before bringing him to Mcdonald’s. I then brought him to a mall and made him smile.”


The pastor also shared some images of their encounter in the post that soon went viral.

While most netizens praised Goden for his gesture, some criticized him for posting his “good deed” online.

In response to his critics, Goden pointed out that he intended for his post to go viral so the homeless man’s family can find and reconnect with him.

Eventually, the post reached the attention of Dean’s siblings who immediately recognized their missing brother. According to GMA News, Dean was soon reunited with his family after the touching incident.

Featured image via Facebook / franklin.l.goden

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