This Homeless Man Claims to Make $200 an Hour Panhandling in New York

This Homeless Man Claims to Make $200 an Hour Panhandling in New York
Editorial Staff
November 12, 2015
The job market is extremely competitive in this day and age and it seems that getting a decent job just keeps getting harder and harder.
Will Anderson is a former theater stagehand and claims to make up to $200 an hour panhandling outside Grand Central Terminal.
“On a Friday morning, I make $400 in two hours,” Anderson told the New York Post.
He also has a 9-year-old dog, Rizzo, who he says helps when getting people’s attention on the street.
“People are more generous because I have a dog, 100 percent,” Anderson told the New York Post. “They throw me a dollar and say, ‘That’s for the dog,’ ’’
Anderson claims he’s made so much money that he now rents a room in Inwood, Manhattan after being homeless for the last three years. He told the New York Post:
“I have gotten $80 or $100 from a single person. And they will say, ‘Just do something good tonight.’ They mean go to a hotel or a hostel.
“I get people who give me five bucks each day. Five bucks each day, that’s five days a week, two people — that’s $50 a week right there. I get dog food. I put away for rent. I pay $300 a month, that’s nothing.”
Another beggar told the New York Post that Anderson is on to something because it is about location if you’re looking to make money panhandling. It seems that Anderson has found the right location that’s lucrative for him.
Since the New York Post reported on this story, Anderson has shot up in fame and has apparently disappeared from his usual spot, according to onlookers.
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