HK Woman Stabs Ex-Boyfriend, Offers to Drive Him Home, Stabs Him Again on the Way

HK Woman Stabs Ex-Boyfriend, Offers to Drive Him Home, Stabs Him Again on the Way
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 20, 2016
A married man from Hong Kong almost bled to death after his student nurse ex-girlfriend allegedly stabbed him multiple times at her place, drove him to his home, but then stabbed him again on the way.
Cheng Pak-yiu, a 37-year-old married salesman in the Sheung Shui area of Hong Kong, met 29-year-old Kan Woon-tsz through social media. They began an extra-marital affair in January of last year and broke up five months later, but continued to keep seeing each other anyway.
The bloody encounter happened seven months after he supposedly ended the affair, reported South China Morning Post.
According to the victim’s court testimony heard on Monday, the attack allegedly occurred after his visit to the woman’s home on January 12. Cheng told the District Court in Hong Kong that his ex-girlfriend attacked him as he was about to go home.
He revealed that Kan first poured an unknown liquid over his body before stabbing him with a fruit knife in the back. While Cheng said he was able to grab the blade from her, she then pulled out another weapon: an eight-inch blade which she used to stab his chest’s left side three times. When Cheng asked what she was doing, Kan reportedly did not respond.
“I was bleeding and going limp. I tried to resist but I was too weak,” Cheng said.
In his weakened state, the victim was able to crawl towards his car parked about 400 metres away, while Kan watched him from behind. She reportedly even insisted on driving him home after the first round of stabbings, but then slashed him again on the ride home.
At dawn of January 13, Kan called Cheng’s parents as they neared the Kin Ming Estate. The victim told the court that his parents came out to rescue him. It was not revealed in the testimony what prompted the woman to attack her ex-boyfriend. 
Local authorities arrested Kan while with her victim in Tseung Kwan O Hospital a few hours later. The accused has denied all the charges filed against her. The court hearings, presided by deputy district judge Ko Wai-hung is set to commence this week.
Image via The Standard
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