Japanese Pole Vaulter Suffers Disappointing Olympic Defeat Because of His Penis

A Japanese pole vaulter suffered a painful Olympic loss after failing to clear a pole jump due to his protruding penis.

Athlete Hiroki Ogita missed his opportunity to advance to the next stage after his disappointing leap during the qualification round of the pole vault event at this year’s Rio Olympics.

While trying to leap onto a crossbar at the height of 5.3 meters, Ogita’s leg first touched the bar; wobbling it a bit. Then, on his way down, the “pole” between his legs touched it too, knocking it off completely to the ground.

The 28-year-old would later clear the height on his second attempt, but only reaching the height of 5.45m in his final attempt. He ended up at 21st place, causing him to drop out from the competition.

Not a newcomer in global competitions, the Japanese pole vaulter has been competing internationally since 2013, including last year’s World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, China.

The now viral video footage showed the crushing moment the athlete was failed by his own manhood.]

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