Hipster Santa With a Man Bun is Everything You Need For Christmas

Who would have guessed it? A Santa in Portland, Oregon, is gaining attention on social media for being surprisingly hipster.

Instead of the traditional red outfit everyone knows and loves, the “Hipster Santa” sports black plastic-rimmed glasses, a patterned sweater and jeans. But that’s not all — by forgoing the traditional red hat, Hipster Santa can show off his trendy man bun.

Hipster Santa isn’t just a hipster in appearance — he rides a bike when not delivering toys, according to WISH-TV.

The trendy Saint Nick last appeared for photos at the Pioneer Place shopping mall in downtown Portland on Thursday. Those near the area who missed him and want a picture should get their best Xmas selfie outfit ready by Dec. 10 or Dec. 17, both days he’s scheduled to return.

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