Woman’s Insane Meltdown Over Hawaiians at Walmart is Too Ridiculous to Miss

Woman’s Insane Meltdown Over Hawaiians at Walmart is Too Ridiculous to Miss

May 7, 2020
One woman went wild with anger at a Walmart parking lot in Hilo, Hawaii as employees tried to get her to move her car from a standstill position on May 5.
The woman, who was quickly identified on social media as a kindergarten teacher, pointed at someone off-camera, yelling “F**k you” in a high-pitched wail. Her LinkedIn account was still active as of Thursday evening.
Her name has been hidden to deter threats against the woman.
In the video, the woman appeared to be in the middle of a parking lot aisle and refused to move.
One of the officers, wearing a face mask and sunglasses, told the woman she had to move her car, explaining that she was in people’s way.
“Everyone stop f**king yelling at me right now because I’m not f**king moving,” she shouted at people who were off-camera.
The woman then got into her car after the officer asked her again.
“I don’t listen to you either,” she yelled before driving off.
“You can talk all the f**k you want, all you f**king Hawaiians. ‘The White lady is f**king crazy.’ You can talk all the f**k that you want, you f**king motherf**ker.”
One female Walmart employee told the woman that was enough. The woman moved a few feet down the aisle and can be heard screaming, “No, it’s not enough. It is not enough!”
She stopped her car and had another verbal altercation with an officer. Instagram user @mxmiinikki uploaded a second part of the incident, saying that woman was on the phone with local police.
Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a rise in anti-Asian sentiment and attacks over the past couple of months.
NextShark has recorded almost 1,500 reports of hate crimes against Asians since March 26.
NextShark also reached out to @mxmiinikki for further comment about the incident.
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