MMA Fighter Racially Taunts Japanese Opponent, Gets the Beating of His Life

Although American MMA fighter Jonathan Ivey’s career record is not that impressive, he has gained quite a reputation for being one of the most entertaining fighters on the small circuit.

With an unorthodox fighting style, energetic bravado and theatrics usually found in professional wrestling, the 41-year-old has become a legend of sorts in the world of small MMA promotions.

Recently, the veteran fighter, also known as “Big Jon”, traveled to Tokyo, Japan, bringing his boastful attitude with him to face Japanese fighter Hikaru Sato, reported SmackHisFace.

In his usual cocky self, Ivey came into the bout way too over confident, partly because he outweighed the Asian opponent by over 70 lbs.

From the weigh-in to the start of the actual match, Ivey didn’t hold back in showing his colorful persona, mocking and teasing Sato throughout.

Unfortunately for him, though, Sato would later make him pay the ultimate price for his arrogance very early in the match.

With just one solid punch, the cocky MMA fighter came crashing down on the canvas. Just like that, his record slipped down to just 32 wins and 57 losses.

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