Highway Sign in California Warns Motorists Of Asian Drivers

Highway Sign in California Warns Motorists Of Asian Drivers
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 6, 2017
During the 4th of July weekend, a digital road sign used by California Department of Transportation was spotted by motorists containing the message “caution asian (sic) drivers” in the North Bay area.
Instead of the typical “caution ahead” message, the Caltrans sign found in Napa was believed to have been hacked to be replaced with the ethno-stereotypical jab at Asian drivers, reports CBS San Francisco Bay Area.
One Napa driver who saw the flashing message captured the video and posted it online.
“I’m not lying. This sign really says it,” he can be heard as saying in the short footage.
While Caltrans has not given any statement how the supposed “hacking” came about, the department has confirmed that the sign was corrected immediately after they were notified about it.
Similar changes on signs have been committed by pranksters over the years. One sign in Dixon was reportedly changed to “Free hookers ahead” last May, while a sign on Highway 1 was altered to read “Zombies Ahead” last July.
A sign in San Francisco had the words “Godzilla Attack!” flashing to warn drivers of a fictitious giant lizard back in 2014.
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