She Photoshops Herself With GOT7’s Jackson Wang Every Day Until He Goes to Prom With Her

Jackson Wang

Elizabeth Zhang, high school senior and a huge K-Pop fan, is on a mission to score a prom date with her ultimate K-Pop crush: GOT7’s Jackson Wang.

Jackson Wang
“Single as a Pringle so why don’t you come to prom with me and mingle?”

For almost a year now, Zhang has been diligently posting a photoshopped image of herself with the talented rapper every day on Instagram to catch his attention, according to Asian Crush.

Jackson Wang
I’ll always CHURRO you on! 🎉 Prom? ❤️

Her adorable project, in which she inserts a witty pun in every photo caption, started back in May 2017 and will continue until the big day.

Jackson Wang
Roses are red, violets are blue, you make the world better by just being you 🌹 Prom? ❤️ #HappyValentinesDay

The resulting images are a mix of well-thought-out pieces and some random ones too — which are all generally hilarious.

Jackson Wang
I CONE-not live without you 🍦 Will you go to prom with me? 💗

While her objective is to convince her idol to be her prom date, Zhang says letting Jackson Wang know how much he has impacted her and millions of fans worldwide is enough.

Jackson Wang
Going to prom with you would be a FANtasy 💖

She admits that her chances are indeed slim, but still she wishes that the project will at least show Wang how much his fans love and support him.

Jackson Wang
Luggo to prom together 💼💗 – today marks the 265th day of this wild ride of promposals 💘 I know the possibility of him even seeing this is almost nonexistent but I’m going to keep on posting and spreading love, puns, and support for got7💓 #100moredays

“GOT7 has helped me through many hard times with their music and their positive messages in them,” Zhang was quoted as saying.

Jackson Wang
Water you think about going to prom with me? 🍉❤️

“Jackson’s determination and his story, one of struggle and tenacity and passion, have inspired me to work hard and continue to pursue my own passions.”

Jackson Wang
We’d make the perfect combination at prom 🔐❤️

Zhang’s pun-tastic “promposals” are nothing short of brilliant. Which one is your favorite?

Jackson Wang
I think you’re exSTRAWordinary 🌟 Prom? 💛
Jackson Wang
I think you’re BOOTiful 👢 so let’s kick it off at prom together 💕🤠
Jackson Wang
I think you’re SCENT-sational 🕯💫 Will you be my prom date? 💖

Zhang isn’t the only one to use social media for an adorable promposal; recently, high school senior Angela Guan asked Olympian Nathan Chen to be her prom date through an adorable YouTube video.

Images via Instagram / jacksonwangprom

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