SF High School Coach Under Fire for Mocking Asian-American Player With ‘Ching Chong’ Taunts

SF High School Coach Under Fire for Mocking Asian-American Player With ‘Ching Chong’ Taunts

March 23, 2017
Don Papa, the head baseball coach at Galileo High School in San Francisco, was accused of mocking an inattentive Asian-American player with a fake Chinese accent.
The disturbing incident occurred at Skyline College on February 24 during a match between Galileo and Lick-Wilmerding High School.
Now, two concerned parents have come forward to share some details with the San Francisco Chronicle. Nakia Kashima, the father of another player, recalled Papa yelling “at the top of his lungs from the dugout in a fake Chinese dialect, ‘Ching, chong, something something.’”
Papa went on asking, “Do you understand me now? Do you understand English?”
According to Kashima, the targeted player seemed confused at Papa’s instructions while standing on first base. This led to the coach’s racist lashing out on him.
His report was supported by another parent who declined to be named.
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Kashima, who couldn’t believe such a thing would happen “in 2017 in San Francisco,” contacted school authorities to complain about the matter and urge Papa’s removal as coach. He received a response from Michael Reimer, Galileo’s principal, on February 27:
“I want you to know that we take these kinds of charges seriously and will begin to investigate immediately. However, because of the sensitive nature of the situation, and a number of district rules and regulations regarding discipline for staff members, I might not be able to fully update you on the outcome of the investigation, or any possible consequences.”
To his dismay, Reimer updated on March 8 to inform that Papa was allowed to continue his coaching duties. The principal said he could not discuss the “touchy subject” of discipline.
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