High Expectations Chinese Dad Trains Shirtless Kids During a SNOWSTORM

High Expectations Chinese Dad Trains Shirtless Kids During a SNOWSTORMHigh Expectations Chinese Dad Trains Shirtless Kids During a SNOWSTORM
Carl Samson
January 10, 2018
iA father in China has sparked controversy after subjecting a group of children to draconian training in a blizzard with sub-zero temperatures.
In a video that surfaced online, He Liesheng can be seen ordering 13 children, including his own son, to endure a variety of exercises in a snow-covered field in Nanjing, eastern China, on January 4
All children started off with jackets, but the boys were soon ordered to go half-naked. Some were as young as four years old.
He’s winter boot camp consisted of running, front squats, tire flipping, covering the body with snow, rolling on the snow and even the popular ice bucket challenge.
Some kids cried but all reportedly completed the training, which He holds annually.
According to CGTN, the children prepared for six months in low-temperature physical workouts, which included hot ginger tea and heating pads.
Netizens had mixed reactions:
“Good training. Be strong and powerful.”
“Eagle Dad looks like he needs a bit of training himself.”
He has been making headlines for years for his strict parenting methods.
Yide, his 10-year-old son, shot to fame in 2012 when his video of jogging in minus 13 degrees Celsius went viral. At the time, the four-year-old boy only wore his underwear.
Explaining his methods, He told Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television:
“Children must exercise the will of their will so that they become a hard-working spirit. They will remember this scene from today for the rest of their lives.”
“I believe that the future [lies in] planting the seeds of perseverance in children. As the years go by, they grow a little bit.”
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Training photos via jstv.com
Check out the training below:

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