Hideo Kojima Just Broke an Instagram and Twitter Record at the Same Time

hideo kojima

“Death Stranding” director Hideo Kojima has been awarded two Guinness World Records and is now recognized as the “most followed game director on Twitter and Instagram.”

The 56-year-old legendary game director received the award on Saturday during the promotional tour for “Death Stranding,” according to IGN.

Kojima, who is known in the gaming industry for his work in the “Metal Gear” franchise, has more than 2.8 million followers on his English Twitter Account and over 814,000 on his Japanese Twitter account.

Upon a closer look at his award, it appears the Guinness World Record only counts the number of followers from his English account.

Meanwhile, his Instagram account currently has 930,000 followers.

Guinness World Records Japan also congratulated Kojima on his achievement, Dual Shockers reported.

“Death Stranding” was released on Nov. 4 for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Feature Image via @KojiPro2015_EN

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