Heroic Pig Makes Daring Rescue After Seeing Friend Being Butchered for Food

In an admirable heroic attempt to rescue a friend, one defiant pig in southwest China was caught on video rushing fearlessly to its friend’s would-be slaughterers.

The short mobile phone clip, reportedly captured on Dec. 25 in Banan District in Chongqing, China, lasts only a few seconds, but it is undeniably incredible to watch.

Widely shared on local social media, the footage showed the moment the pig dashed towards two butchers as they prepare to slaughter another pig, reports MailOnlineA squealing pig can be seen placed on a bench in the yard where it was forced to lie down, with two men pressing on its head and legs.

The brave swine first charged one of the men steadying his “friend” on the butcher block. Caught off guard, the man was forced to let go and distance himself from the angry pig.

After successfully freeing the chopping board-bound porker, the pig then rushed to the other man to keep him away too. Irritated, the man pointed his the finger at the subversive pig as it stood its ground to protect a friend facing an impending death.

While it was not reported what came after the clip, the ending may not be a good one for both of the pigs. By the end of the clip, a third man can be seen approaching the gripping scene, indicating that the pig’s heroic success may have been short-lived.

Feature Image via YouTube / Lates News

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