Heroic Crab in China Jumps Out of Boiling Water to Save Friends From Being Cooked Alive

One smart, courageous and certified badass crab risked its own life in what can be described as a daring escape to save its friends from being cooked alive.

The heroic crab made the escape by using its claws to climb the wok’s inner wall as the chef of a restaurant in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, in northern Shanghai, prepares to cook the meal.

Instead of hauling ass, the crab made the heroic decision to casually sit on the same spot where it landed, accidentally turning off the electric stove used to cook its three remaining friends inside the wok.

Netizens, however, were not amused by the video clip that’s been circulating online. Many are calling out the inhumane treatment of the crabs, as they struggle to get out of the wok while being boiled alive.

It makes you wonder that even crabs have feelings and you cant blame them, and we don’t stop and think that all creatures have the ability to feel pain and distress,” one user wrote on its comment in Daily Mail.

Featured Image via YouTube / The AIO Entertainment

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