Hero Saves Abandoned Baby Boy Thrown in a Dumpster in China

A newborn baby boy was recently rescued after being discovered in a garbage bin in China.

The infant was immediately rushed to a local hospital after a government employee found him abandoned in a rubbish bin in Mingguang, Chuzhou, Anhui Province.

After his check-up, the boy was transferred to a community center to receive further care and attention.

According to the doctors who performed his medical check-up, the baby is in perfect health and has no signs of physical disability.

The physicians also confirmed that the baby was born around 5 p.m. on May 17, MailOnline reports.

A video of the abandoned baby uploaded on Pear Video on Friday shows him wrapped in pink and white towels while being carried by his rescuers.

“The baby shows good vital signs and he is a healthy boy,” said the city employee who found him among the trash.

Social media users in China have wondered what led to the parents’ decision to leave the baby in such a hazardous place. Netizens on Weibo have also been sharing the video and the boy’s photos online in a bid to find his parents.

Featured Image via Pear Video

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