Hero Pulls Off Dramatic Rescue of a Little Girl Dangling From a Building in China

Hero Pulls Off Dramatic Rescue of a Little Girl Dangling From a Building in China
Ryan General
March 23, 2017
Panic ensued when a young girl was found to be hanging on to a drainpipe between the fifth and sixth floors of an apartment building in China.
The six-year-old reportedly climbed out of a window from her home in Changzhi City (of the northern province of Shanxi) on Sunday, according to CCTV. Shocked onlookers watched as the girl struggled to latch her left foot on the lower floor window and keep herself from losing her grip on a pipe.
Luckily, a quick-thinking witness named Guo Xiaoguang saw the child’s predicament and immediately brought a cherry picker to the scene for a rescue attempt.
The man said he remembered that the landscape and forestry administration, where he was currently employed, had a maintenance vehicle parked outside.
“The situation was quite urgent. So I didn’t report to the leaders nor call the driver of the maintenance vehicle,” Guo said.
“I wanted to make use of every second to save the girl. Then I went to the office by electric bicycle, took the key and drove the vehicle here.”  
The man himself operated the vehicle and sought the help of a police officer and a civilian to reach for the girl. After hanging from the pipe for more than half an hour, the girl was finally brought down to safety.
The girl’s mother said she had left her daughter at home because she had to go to work. She said that the girl had wanted to play outside, so she tried to go outside from the window as the door was locked.
The daring rescue is shown in the video footage below:
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