Hero Neighbor Rescues Toddler Dangling By His Neck in China

Hero Neighbor Rescues Toddler Dangling By His Neck in ChinaHero Neighbor Rescues Toddler Dangling By His Neck in China
Ryan General
July 13, 2017
A heroic neighbor came to the rescue of a toddler who was dangling from a flat’s fourth-floor window last Friday in China.
In the video clip uploaded on Chinese social media, the neighbor can be seen trying to rescue the four-year-old boy whose upper body somehow got stuck between the window grilles in the county of Yujiang, Jiangxi Province.
According to The Paper (via SCMP), the rescuer, identified as Li Jinbin, was alerted by his father early in the morning that a boy slipped through window grilles outside the building across them.
He immediately dashed to the scene to help the child who was in danger of falling four stories down.
“On closer look, the boy seemed to be trapped by his chest,” Li was quoted as saying. “I immediately grabbed my cotton quilt and rushed downstairs in case he might fall down.”
Some of the neighbors went to the boy’s flat and tried to open its door but were unable to. They also found that no one else was at home.
Worried that the boy might choke as he continued to slip through the grille, Li climbed from a nearby window and approached the boy by stepping on the sill beneath the child.
Using his arms to lift the boy, Li secured the child as he waited for the rescue team summoned by the other neighbors.
The firefighters would later forcefully unlock the door and widen the spaces in the window grilles using a crowbar to finally allow the boy to be freed and returned safely to the flat.
It was revealed that the boy’s parents later arrived and explained that he was in the flat to be with his grandparents for the holidays.
Apparently, the boy was trying to look for the said grandparents when he accidentally fell out from the window and got caught by the grilles. It was not reported, however, where the grandparents went and why the boy was left alone.
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