Hero Chinese Kid Sacrifices Summer Vacation to Help With Flood Relief

A young boy’s heroic deed during relief operations in China did not go unnoticed after a photo of him passed out from total exhaustion went viral online.

Netizens have lauded the efforts of 12-year-old Hu Zhibo, ho was caught on camera with his mouth wide open while taking a well-deserved nap.

According to NetEase (via Shanghaiist), his selfless act comes during the relief efforts in the city of Yulin, a week after extreme flooding wreaked havoc in Shaanxi Province, demolishing the houses of over 100,000 residents.

Hu’s mother said his son spent his summer vacation to help fellow volunteers transport goods and building barriers in the areas devastated by the flood. According to the boy’s mother, the efforts can demand up to 10 hours of hard work per day from each volunteer.

Fortunately, Hu was up to the task and seems to enjoy helping out the needy.

And when the photo of him all worn-out from a tiring morning of hauling goods hit the internet, netizens could not help but heap praises for the young boy, with many calling him a hero for his work.

“When this kid grows up, our country will have nothing to worry about,” one Weibo user was quoted as saying.

There are those, however, who expressed concern about whether Hu may be too young for such hard work. Some of them noted that instead of transporting sacks of rice and other goods, he is better off allotting his summer vacation playing with other kids.

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