Man is hailed a hero after he catches young boy in freefall from his third-story room in China

hero saves boy

In Southern China, a man was hailed a hero after he caught a young boy falling from the third floor of a building. 

What happened: On Oct. 9 in the city of Shangrao, a man caught a 5-year-old boy falling from the third floor of a building in an industrial park as seen on surveillance footage, reported Newsflare

  • The man who saved the boy was identified as Li Wenjun. He spotted the dangerous incident and ran to save him.
  • According to the reports, the boy had been playing inside a closed hotel on the building’s third floor when he fell.
  • While the 5-year-old suffered from minor injuries, Li suffered a broken nose and received eight stitches for a wound on his head. 
Image via Newsflare

Reactions: Li received praise on social media when NowThis News reposted the surveillance footage on Instagram.  

  • One user, whose comment received the most likes, said, “Talking about being at the right place at the right time,” with heart emojis.
  • “Bless him,” another user commented.
  • One person in the comment section took the post as a reminder of what must be done in incidents like this. He wrote, “people in America, take notes. Don’t just record with your phones, do something.” 

Featured Image via Newsflare

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