Here Are the Best Days and Times to Fly if You Want to Avoid Delays

If you’re booking a flight and want to avoid delays, the most important thing to consider is timing.

According to the below infographic from flyer compensation service Airhelp, the later your chosen flight time, the more likely you’ll experience a delay. The best time to fly if you’re looking to avoid a delay? Anywhere from 6:00-6:59 a.m., so the early birds win. The worst time? The reverse — 6:00-6:59 p.m.

As well, certain days are better than others when it comes to flight delays. While those traveling on Saturdays are the least likely (18.11%) to experience a delay, nearly a third (29.47%) of those leaving on Fridays have to wait past their scheduled departure time.

Check out the infographic below for further information on how to best prevent having to kill more precious time at your airport’s Chili’s.

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