Herd of Cows Hilariously Crash a ‘Twerking’ Party in Thailand

Herd of Cows Hilariously Crash a ‘Twerking’ Party in Thailand
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 4, 2018
A group of teens twerking to the sounds of some folk music in Thailand recently went viral, albeit for reasons no one really saw coming.
Locals of Isan, in the northeastern region of Thailand, were dancing their hearts out to upbeat Molum tunes in an open field when a herd of cows appeared out of nowhere and crashed the party.
The widely shared clip, which at the end featured the animals chasing the dancing teenagers, has been viewed over five million times since it was first uploaded on Facebook on Monday, according to Coconuts media.
Before the cows arrived, the dancers were shown having a blast twerking in various forms while a Molum band called “Salapao Music” played music.
Apparently, the tunes were so catchy that they grabbed the attention of grazing cows from a nearby field.
Soon the animals started chasing the dancers who were caught off guard by the unannounced arrival.
The rampaging bovines momentarily interrupted the festive moment as the teens dashed in different directions for their safety.
While it was not indicated where the video was specifically shot, the featured band was reportedly based in Khon Kaen.
The viral video has so far received mixed reactions from netizens, with many laughing at the incident and some expressing concerns that the twerking may not be appropriate for the young participants.
Feature image via YouTube/ Netizen Watch
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