Henry Golding, Gemma Chan Launch Their Own Production Companies to Tell Asian Stories

Henry Golding, Gemma Chan Launch Their Own Production Companies to Tell Asian Stories
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
June 20, 2019
A little less than a year after “Crazy Rich Asians” took over America, cast members Henry Golding and Gemma Chan have ventured into making their own movies.
In a tweet on Wednesday, Golding proudly announced his Long House Productions, saying “thinking man’s action and sci-fi will be the name of the game.”
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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Long House has already partnered with China’s Starlight Cultural Entertainment Group, a co-investor in “Crazy Rich Asians” with offices in Beverly Hills, as well as companies Dream in Dream and Above the Clouds Films.
The Asian powerhouse will debut two films, namely “The Inheritance,” an action-adventure from writer Alistair Hudson, who came up with the story with Golding himself; and “Harrington’s Greatest Hits,” a thriller that follows an elite assassin.
“The reason why we are having a deal with Henry is that we see him as a class of one,” Starlight CEO Peter Luo said, according to THR.
“For me, it’s the real passion we all have for entertaining and telling stories,” Golding added. “I am excited to bring the unique stories that come from my experiences and the time I’ve spent living in Asia, London, America, and all over the world, to the movies that I work on and the material I look forward to developing. Working with Peter and everybody at Starlight, we are able to make that possible.”
Meanwhile, Gemma Chan has also started working on her own production company “to lift people up.”
“I’m very interested in developing stories and going into producing things that are not necessary for me to act in,” the 36-year-old star said, according to the South China Morning Post. “And it’s about finding those. Stories that haven’t been told that have been lost to history.”
Hoping that “Crazy Rich Asians” has opened doors for others, Chan added that she does not want to be “the only successful Asian actress or British Asian actress” — and her company seems set on this direction.
“I’m sure there’ll be many obstacles but I just feel like I don’t want to squander this opportunity, like, oh, we’ve done this amazing film and that’s it for another 25 years. I want the opportunities to keep coming.”
Featured Images via Instagram / @henrygolding (Left) and @gemma_chan (Right)
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