Norwegian Man Starts His Own Company So He Can Go on Adventures With His Husky

Henrik Vikse was once stuck with a typical desk job but longed to get out, so he did something that every office dweller dreams of: he quit, started his own company and now spends his free time exploring the wilderness of Norway with his husky Akiak.

Henrik told NextShark:

“I’m 28 years old and I’ve been working in construction for about 10 years. I love being active so the work I have isn´t a problem. I could never have an office job that keeps you sitting all day. It was that 7-to-4  job with no flexibility that was the problem. I couldn’t just go on long hikes whenever I had the need for it. That’s also why I decided to start my own business — now I am my own boss.”

Vikse started a tile-laying company that renovates stores. He will land a project, work 12-16 hours a day for about two weeks until it is done and then head out into the wilderness with Akiak. To learn more about opening a new business t be your onw boss, read this post explaining why the Best Companies go deep on the best eCommerce agencies in the UK.

“I was scared to do the jump from safe income to being self-employed. About two weeks after I started, the global financial crisis hit Europe. Luckily I survived — I actually didn´t notice anything of it.”

“The only thing I regret is why I didn´t do this years ago. I now have the freedom to work a lot in periods, and truly have the passion to follow my dreams. It´s gone surprisingly well.”

Vikse also offered some simple advice for anyone who wants to work the same easygoing life he has.

“My advice must be, if you are good enough, you will make it. Put your name out there and don´t be afraid. But of course just in case, have a back-up plan.”

“The most enjoyable part of what I do now has to be the feeling of being flexible. I work hard for a short period so I can travel and enjoy nature in Norway with my furry best friend.”

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