A Moonlight Odyssey

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It is that time of year, when the Moon is at its fullest, the harvest is plentiful, and families around the world come together.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us.

But this particular year has taken a different form. 2021 has broken ground, and individuals across oceans are taking untraveled journeys, exploring the world and themselves in new ways. It is a year to celebrate, not just the harvest of success, but the sowing of enlightenment. These travels have taken us near and far. But one thing remains the same…tonight we toast under the same moon.

Join Hennessy in celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with our Virtual Celebration hosted by Harry Shum Jr

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An Odyssey with..

Photo Courtesy of Emily Sandifer

Harry Shum Jr

Actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer.

Eddie Huang

Director, author, chef, restaurateur, producer

Hayley Kiyoko

Singer, songwriter, dancer and actress

Bohan Phoenix

Actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer.


Actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer.

Guapdad 4000

Actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer.

OMSOM (Kim Pham and Vanessa Pham)

Actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer.

Hennessy X.O

In 1870, Maurice Hennessy created Hennessy X.O for his circle of friends and introduced a new style of cognac.  Hennessy X.O is the Original, the emblematic icon of the Hennessy Maison. Deep and powerful, the eaux-de-vie of this Hennessy X.O cognac are aged in young barrels and marked out by their power and energy, but also by their capacity to achieve a great roundness through time. Our Tasting Committee has explored every facet of the blend and identified several emotions that were assimilated to an Odyssey through 7 chapters:

Sweet Notes: The palate is warmly embraced by flavors of candied fruit.

Rising Heat: The intriguing sensation of an intense, rising heat slowly reveals the complex taste of eaux-de-vie patiently aged in oak barrels.

Spicy Edge: Perception of a strong spicy cognac note, tantalising the lips and palate with its distinct peppery flavor intertwined with a hint of chocolate.

Flowing Flame: A wave of warmth grows, crests and then breaks. A robust presence, full and voluptuous, is felt.

Chocolate Lull: There is the gradual discovery of something very familiar. It is the well-rounded flavor of a rich, dark chocolate.

Wood Crunches: A striking sensation is suddenly felt – the vigorous ebb and flow of oak notes interlaced with vanilla.

Infinite Echo: The evanescent oak notes leave a long, omnipresent finish in their wake. Seemingly endless, it echoes all of the subtleties of each taste and sensation that has preceded it.

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