400 Middle School Kids Ordered to Take Exams Outside in China’s Poisonous Air

400 Middle School Kids Ordered to Take Exams Outside in China’s Poisonous Air
King Malleta
December 21, 2016
With the growing AQI (Air Quality Index) in Henan’s Anyang prefecture, the local board of education has decided to suspended classes, but one middle school principal apparently did not get the memo.
A school principal of middle school in Linzhou City instructed an 8th grade class of 400 students to take an exam on the school field, according to Shanghaiist. This is despite the “airpocalypse” that has been smothering Northern China.
Photos of children intently taking their exams while smog clouded above were snapped by a concerned party and forwarded to a local media.
Reporters spoke to the principal and he did confirm that students were made to take an exam outside. He did argue that while it was “hazy” during that time, the smog was not that “severe.” When he received a notification from the local board of education that classes were suspended, he called off the exams immediately.
But because the current smog problem has been on top of the news this week, many Chinese web users are not buying the principal’s lame excuse. They have rallied on him to be removed from his job because of putting the student’s health at risk.
Given the situation that is happening in Northern China, there aren’t really a lot of places where you can hide. In some cities in Hebei and Henan provinces, the AQI readings have gone off scale.
Meanwhile, for the first time in weeks, the reading in Anyang dropped to a “very unhealthy” level of 278. This is considered somewhat good news among residents in Anyang prefecture where the AQI reading has been soaring above 700 in the past few days.
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