Helpless Students Watch School Authorities Smash Their Confiscated Electronics

Students of one vocational school in China had to accept the fact that their electronics are gone forever — as they watched them get brutally smashed by school officials.
The school, located outside of Chengdu, literally axed banned electronic appliances found in the students’ dorms last week. These include hair dryers, rice cookers and heaters, though we can also see playing cards.
The devices were destroyed by college officials and fellow students before the eyes of their owners.
Displeased at the activity, owners were convinced that the school violated their rights to private property, Chengdu Business Daily reported. Apparently, relevant law provisions state that the school and students are in equal terms.
In their defense, the school claimed that the appliances it destroyed were properties of older students who already graduated. It also maintained its commitment to dorm safety.
Netizens expressed disgust over the school’s controversial move (via Shanghaiist):
“The students may have broken the rules, but the school has broken the law.”
“Why can’t you give the students back their stuff after they graduate?”
What kind of school would even prohibit hair dryers and rice cookers?
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