Upsetting Footage Shows Indonesian Locals Riding Helpless Sea Turtle 

sea turtle

A video angering many online has surfaced of a group of adults and children taking turns sitting on the back of a sea turtle that appears to be struggling. 

The video was reportedly taken on an Indonesian beach last Friday according to the Daily Mail.

The turtle had traveled onto the beach in order to lay eggs when a group of locals began to ride on its back. The endangered leatherback sea turtle appears to feebly crawl away while the humans sit on top of it.

A leatherback sea turtle

The video shows men sitting on the turtle, standing on it, as well as a man who brandishes a large branch supposedly as a club. Another man perches his feet on the turtle’s face and another eats a snack while he sits.

They remain on the turtle the entirely of the time it takes for it to reach the water.

Just earlier this year, another woman was arrested for attacking a sea turtle nest in Miami.

Featured images via YouTube / Zolex Reporters

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