Helmet Saves Young Woman’s Life After Truck Runs Over Her Head in China

A female motorcyclist’s recent brush with death in China has demonstrated why wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle should not be taken for granted.

In an incredible video that has gone viral on Chinese social media, a woman, identified only by her last name Zhu, was shown surviving what appears to be her certain death following a road accident in Zhejiang Province.

Zhu, a mother of two, was reportedly riding her scooter at around 9 a.m. on Tuesday in Houdu village, Jinhua when a parked car opened its door and hit her.

The sudden impact from the car’s door sent her flying into the path of a concrete mixer truck. In the footage, the truck is shown running over her helmeted head.

While her helmet shattered to pieces, she sustained only some bruises and cuts on her scalp.

“Without the helmet, I think I would have been dead,” Zhu was quoted as saying.

The truck driver immediately jumped from the truck to find her alive but injured, according to the Zhejiang Online via MailOnline.

The car owner who opened the door called the police and an ambulance for the victim.

Based on the findings of the doctors who treated Zhu at the Wenrong Hospital, she only sustained minor lacerations on her scalp.

Feature Image via Pear Video

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