‘Hellbound’ co-creator Yeon Sang-ho reveals new character explorations for possible second season

‘Hellbound’ co-creator Yeon Sang-ho reveals new character explorations for possible second season
‘Hellbound’ co-creator Yeon Sang-ho reveals new character explorations for season 2
Ryan General
November 30, 2021
With South Korean fantasy horror series “
Bound for Season 2: In a recent interview with Variety, series co-creator Yeon Sang-ho hinted at revisiting the bleak but captivating world of “Hellbound.”
  • The series, which is an adaptation of a webtoon of the same name, features a star-studded cast that includes Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min, Won Jin-ah and Yang Ik-joon.
  • The show took the top spot of Netflix’s global chart within a day of its release on Nov. 19, surpassing global phenomenon “Squid Game.”  
  • “The process of working with Netflix was very enjoyable on my end,” Yeon was quoted as saying. “They very much agreed to and related to my creative vision, but they also created an environment where I didn’t have to think about anything else aside from focusing on my creativity in terms of distribution or when or how to release the series.”
  • The director, who also served as the series’ showrunner, shared that he and his longtime creative partner, writer-cartoonist Choi Kyu-seok, have decided to create a webtoon to explore what happens after the series’ first season. “As for whether we would want to turn that into another live-action series, that’s something that we will need further discussion on,” the “Train to Busan” director teased. “As you know, we have only just released Hellbound Season 1 and so we didn’t have any time to discuss that issue with Netflix.”
Warning: minor spoilers ahead
Taking a slightly new direction: Yeon shed more light on the subject in a separate interview with Korea Times in which he revealed that they are cooking up some changes for the new season.
  • Yeon and Choi planned to continue the story in webcomic form next year before working on a live-action series.
  • “Since this summer, Choi and I have been discussing the story for the second season and now we have an overall picture of what it will be,” the writer-director said. “So we should be able to release the comics by the latter half of next year. But in regards to the series, we have yet to discuss it.”
  • According to Yeon, the new season will explore the story of season 1 side character Park Jeong-ja in hell.
  • “The message of the story will align with the first one but there will be changes in how it will be delivered,” he said. “I can say that the new season will explore more on the actions and wrongdoings of the characters than this one.”
Featured Image via Makna Talks (left), Netflix (right)
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