Activist Helen Zia ‘Thrilled’ to Join Participant’s Creative Team in Developing Vincent Chin Series

Film production Participant is developing a scripted limited series inspired by the murder of Vincent Chin in an exclusive agreement with the Chin Estate and Helen Zia. 

About the series: Participant’s series will be the “only authorized telling of the landmark civil rights case following the 1982 murder,” according to Deadline

  • Zia, who will be involved in the creative team, is “thrilled” Participant will be leading the project. Vincent’s mother, Lily, appointed Zia as executor of the Chin Estate before she passed away in 2002.
  • “With today’s current tsunami of anti-Asian hate sweeping the globe, the full story of Vincent Chin and the powerful community response must be told,” Zia said.
  •  A podcast about Chin was previously pulled after Zia revealed no one from the project reached out to her or any of Chin’s family members.

Who’s involved: Zia will be working with Vicangelo Bulluck, Donald Young and Paula Madison with Global TV’s SVP Miura Kite overseeing the series on behalf of Participant.

  • Participant members said they were “honored” to be working with Zia and the Chin Estate. They wanted to make sure the story was “culturally and historically accurate,” while respecting Chin’s legacy.
  • “We could not have better partners than the team at Participant to tell this compelling civil rights story about the Asian American community and their ongoing fight for social justice.”
  • Participant’s CEO David Linde stated working with Zia was “humbling” as they “seek to tell the most culturally vital stories possible.”

Featured Image via Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Assoc (left), helenziareal (right)

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