Viral Taiwanese Booth Babe Captures Hearts of Japanese Netizens

Viral Taiwanese Booth Babe Captures Hearts of Japanese Netizens
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
November 10, 2017
Japanese netizens are going crazy over a Taiwanese booth babe who travels around the world promoting cars, gadgets, cosmetic products and, of course, flaunting her good looks.
Image via Instagram / hebbe820
Cheng hails all the way from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, but she already has tons of fans in Japan, according to SoraNews24.
The Taiwanese beauty is frequently showered with comments such as “looking cute,” “so very beautiful,” along with a plethora of heart eyes and kissing emojis.
Cheng says she likes to stay fit by going to the sauna and working out at the X-Line99 gym in Kaohsiung.
Other than posing for popular brands such as Honda, Samsung and Intel, the Taiwanese beauty also travels to various parts of the world posing in classy hotels, swimming pools and even picturesque churches.
Cheng has traveled to the Philippines, Singapore and Australia, capturing the beauty of these places as much as she captures pictures of herself.
Check out the rest of the Taiwanese booth babe’s global adventure in the set of photos below.
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