American Snowmen are Pathetic Compared to Japan’s

Tokyo was hit with heavy snowfall earlier this week, but it’s not stopping locals from stepping outside to make amazing ice sculptures!

The snowfall that started on Monday, Jan. 22, is the heaviest since February 2014.

heaviest snowfall in japan
Snow on the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, 2014. Photo via @A_CUVE/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It dumped some 23 centimeters (9 inches) until early the following day, delaying transportation systems, according to The Japan Times.

The heavy snow also injured about 360 people throughout the city and in six other prefectures, namely Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Tochigi and Saitama.

In Tokyo, 229 people between the ages of 16 and 95 were injured.

But in the wake of the chilling weather and unfortunate events around it, residents in the city decided to brighten things up by making incredible snow sculptures, Japanese-style!

via @mokomoko_2015/Twitter

Apparently, your two icy spheres topped with sticks and a carrot for a standard snowman won’t suffice for these talented people.

Just imagine the creativity and effort they put into these masterpieces:

pokemon japanese snow sculptures
via @project_eevee/Twitter
via @lucyco73/Instagram
via @wild_kaz/Twitter
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via @ph.long_/Instagram

We’re just thoroughly impressed by these people’s skills!

via @mokomoko_2015/Twitter

It’s unfortunate that these sculptures may have already melted due to the recent sunny forecast, but we’re glad photos were taken. We hope the roads are much safer and transport systems are back to normal.

via @M0RNING_CHILD/Twitter

See more via the hashtag #雪だるま on Instagram and Twitter!

via @M0RNING_CHILD/Twitter

What do you think of Tokyo’s snow masterpieces? Let us know in the comments!

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