Heartbreaking Moment a Stray Dog Watches Her Puppy Taken Away for Adoption

A heartbreaking moment was recently caught on video in China where a mother stray dog says her farewell to her puppy as the little pooch gets taken away for adoption.

The clip, which was shared through Chinese media sharing platform Pear Video, shows the mama pooch as she follows the woman who adopted her puppy.

At first she was hesitating to approach the human, but after enough time, she decided it’s time to say her last farewell to her pup.

The mother dog, along with her canine family, has been living on the streets, according to Daily Mail. Students are the only ones who are taking care of the dogs.

Instead of driving away, the human decided to let the mother dog say her goodbyes to the little pooch; probably realizing this could very well be the last moment the two will ever see each other again.

After kissing her pup, the mother decided it’s finally time for her pooch to go and live with its new family.

But before actually leaving, the mother still took one final glance at her pup in the most heartbreaking way imaginable.

Images screenshot via Facebook / Pear Video

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